Can I filter my view of Contact activity?

Can I filter my view of Contact activity?

The Contact Activity report details all your contact history for any individual in your contacts address book. The report shows which address books and segmentation queries an individual is in and which campaigns they have been sent, opened and clicked.

Select Reporting from the main navigation and then Contact Activity from the sub-menu that appears.

Enter the contact search criteria in the Search for a contact box, e.g. the email address and click on the magnifying glass. The campaigns for this contact are displayed.


The report automatically defaults to the last 30 days. You can filter your view for each contact you search for when viewing Contact Activity. Click on the Last sent campaigns link displayed underneath. The following drop down is displayed:


You can use the radio buttons to select pre-defined periods or enter a custom date range by entering your own dates.

When ready, click on the APPLY button and the screen will be refreshed with those activity records for the specified contact that meet the dates selected.

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