In our 'Start from scratch' or 'Mobile email. Rebooted.' email templates, you can change the width of your email campaigns by adding CSS to the source code.

The width of our 'Start from scratch' and 'Mobile email. Rebooted.' email templates is 660px. This value includes 20px of padding on the left and 20px of padding on the right. Therefore, the total width of the content is 620px. We use this width because values that are either wider than 700px or narrower than 620px might not work in all browsers or on all devices.

Change it, then test it

If you change the width of your email template, make sure that you test it with our inbox testing tool before you send it.

Changing the max-width value of an email template

  1. Create the following internal stylesheet below the last internal stylesheet in your email template:
<style ee-render="inline">
  .full-email-width, .email-width, .row { max-width: 660px; }
  1. Change the max-width value to your chosen width

Building blocks' widths not updating?

If the building blocks in your email template don't update to the new width, drag and drop those blocks to a different position, then drag and drop them back to their original position. When a block is dragged and dropped, Our editor updates the style of that block and any of its nested blocks.