Please note: Classic Editor will be fully retired and no longer available from Wednesday March 2nd 2016. All campaigns will then be opened in Easy Editor.


You can now convert 'classic' campaigns to Easy Editor campaigns automatically. This will allow campaigns to be edited using the drag & drop Editor, and not the older Classic Editor. In Easy Editor, you can easily edit the source which allows you to make changes in the HTML.

Note: This is a beta service. Due to the variability and complexity of HTML emails, this service may work better for some campaigns than for others.

How to convert a campaign

To convert a classic campaign to an Easy Editor campaign:

  1. Edit the classic campaign. The Classic Editor will load. We'll ask you, in the area just above the editor, if you'd like the campaign to be converted.
  2. Hit Upgrade now.
  3. Some magic will happen, and your campaign will reload in Easy Editor. You'll see a pop-up that contains information about the conversion - such as the campaign's new name. 
  4. Click OK.
  5. Your campaign is now ready to be edited.

When you think the converter's got it wrong

You may find, after converting a classic campaign, that the new version isn't what you expected. For example, perhaps some areas aren't editable.

If this is the case you can edit the campaign using Easy Editor's HTML source editor. This is for advanced users only - but if you prefer editing raw HTML, we recommend using this option rather than reverting to Classic Editor's code view (it's a lot nicer!).

You can do this by clicking Conversion options and choosing Load this campaign in the HTML source editor (advanced)


Reverting to Classic Editor

If you find that the converter just doesn't work for a campaign, you can revert back to Classic Editor. Campaign conversions are non-destructive, and your original classic campaign will always remain available. Simply edit the campaign as normal, but don't select the Upgrade now option.

HTML-only templates (advanced)

If you regularly upload templates and wish to only ever use the HTML source editor, you can add this comment at the top of your HTML content (inside the <body> tag):

<!-- eehtmlonly -->

When the editor sees that, it will automatically load your campaign into the source editor, bypassing Easy Editor itself.