Creating Lists & Suppress contacts

Creating Lists & Suppress contacts

Lists let you store and categorize various groups of contacts based on your different needs.

Having a centralized and organized system for managing your contacts is essential. That's where lists come in.

The flexibility of contact lists means you can create as few or as many as you need – with a maximum of 5,000. Whether you prefer a separate list for each campaign or just a couple of comprehensive lists, you can create and arrange them to align with your specific needs.

Create a new contact list

To create a contact list:
  1. Go to Audience > Lists.  
  2. Select NEW LIST .

  3. For List name , enter a name for your list.
  4. Expand the Add to drop-down menu and choose a folder to store your list in.
  5. For Description, enter a description to help you and your colleagues understand what the list is used for.
  6. If you want to restrict who can send to the contacts in this list, for Who can send to this list?, select CHOOSE USERS and select the radio buttons for the users you want to allow to send to these contacts.  Hold down Ctrl on your keyboard to select multiple users. To learn more, check out the article Restrict who can send to specific contacts.
  7. Select ADD NEW LIST .

You can now upload a file of contacts into the list, or you can do this at a later stage.

Learn more about uploading contacts in Import multiple contacts
To import contacts at a later time, just navigate away from the File upload screen. Your list is created with no contacts inside it.

Suppress a contact

Use suppression to stop certain contacts from receiving your emails.

There are a two methods to suppress contacts from your account:
  1. File removal - if you have a lot of contacts or channels to suppress, you can do this by uploading a CSV, TXT, Excel or ZIP file.
  2. Manually - if you have a single or small number of suppressions to perform. This can be done from the Contacts list, or any other list the contact appears in, or from the account suppression list.

If you'd like to suppress contacts from a list only, learn how in Add and remove suppressions from a list.

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