Export contacts

Export contacts

Before you start

Things you need to know:
  1. Regulation compliance
    When a contact asks you for the information you hold on them, it's called a Subject Access Request (SAR). This export action enables you to more fully comply with this request.
    In order to fully comply, please remember that you still need to separately export any information that you may hold on a contact in other platform areas.

Export a contact

To export a contact on the Single customer view:
  1. Go to Audience > Contacts.
  2. Find and select the contact you want to export.
  3. On the Customer view, expand the CONTACT ACTIONS drop-down menu.
  4. Select Export this contact.

  5. Once the contact finishes exporting, select Download to download the contact zip file to your local computer.
  6. Unzip the folder to view the exported data.
The zip file contains a CSV file with all of the contact's information held in contact data fields, and any Insight data held on the contact is contained in separate files in JSON (a file per collection).

As with bulk exports, individual contact exports are kept in Exports for 30 days.

Exporting your contacts

To export all of your contacts from your account:
  1. Go to Audience > Contacts.
  2. Expand the EXPORT drop-down menu and select Export all.

  3. Select Download on the Exports screen, your export is created for you in a CSV file (this may take time to complete). This area also shows you who has requested an export under the Requested by column.

Your CSV file is then downloaded, ensuring you have all of your contacts from your database. 
Alternatively, you can also export contacts per list in exactly the same way as outlined above, if you wish.

Downloading exports at a later date
If you don't download your exported contacts there and then, you can always do so later. To do this, expand the User menu and go to Settings > General > Exports. Your file is listed there for up to 30 days with the date and time it was requested.

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