Getting started - Choosing a template

Getting started - Choosing a template

The first step to creating a campaign is selecting which template to use.

Templates form the basic layout of your email and we have over a hundred to choose from.

When choosing your template, you want to consider the amount of content you're going to send and how important each bit is. For your very first campaign, however, we recommend you pick one of the simple layouts listed at the top of the template library. Once you are into the campaign editor you can change colors, add new columns, and add other elements; so your template just forms your starting point.


To get a better look at a template, move your mouse over the thumbnail and click on the Preview button.


 Once you've found the template you want to work with, move your mouse over the thumbnail image and click on Select.

What else can you do with templates?
Create and edit your own template from a sent campaign
Upload your own template

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