Getting Started - Introduction

Getting Started - Introduction

Welcome to our email marketing platform, it's great to have you on board.

To login to your account, visit our Login and Support Page. You should bookmark this page for future use. The login and support page will also be your resource and guide on how to accomplish certain tasks as well as provide you with best practices and recommendations.

Your missions, should you choose to accept them…

When logging in for the very first time, you are greeted by an eight-step mission guide that we promise will swiftly transform you into an email marketing expert. By signing up, you’ve already completed the first mission!



These are just suggestions. It is your choice as to whether you follow these missions by clicking on them, or you may prefer to find your own way around. You can do this by using the Campaigns, Contacts and Reporting tabs positioned along the left of the top navigation bar.


If you do choose to follow your own path whilst learning the ropes, then you’re not very likely to stray far from the proposed missions anyway.

And of course, wherever you might be in the process, there is always the support forum and ‘Assistance’ links to help you out.

Throughout our getting started guides we'll walk you through the essentials of:

We'll look at a very simple campaign; but if you want to do something complicated, don't worry, we have a large set of help resources for all your email marketing needs.

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