Getting started - Reviewing and sending your campaign

Getting started - Reviewing and sending your campaign

Your campaign is all written, you've set your subject line, and you've chosen who it gets sent to and when; so now time to review the whole thing before hitting the final send button.

The last step of the campaign process shows you a summary of your campaign and highlighting anything that might need more attention; pay particular attention to anything highlighted with a warning triangle. review-and-send-2.png


At the bottom of the summary a thumbnail of your campaign is shown, you can click on this to open a full size preview.

When you're ready to, click on the Send campaign immediately button (the text on this button will vary if you have scheduled your campaign instead).

What happens when your campaign is sent
Your campaign will first go to your Outbox, at this point the campaign becomes un-editable. Our system then sends out the campaign to all the contacts chosen. In most cases this happens almost instantaneously. If you have a particularly large mailing list, then it may be sent in smaller chunks to make sure that your contacts' systems don't penalize you for sending large numbers of emails all at once.

We then track whether the email is opened, clicked on, replied to, or bounced and show you this in the reporting for the campaign.

Now you've sent your first campaign, and while you wait for the reporting data to come in; start making your first address book.

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