Getting started - Testing your campaign

Getting started - Testing your campaign

Before sending out an email to your mailing list, it's important to test it thoroughly.


Test sends
A test send will send a copy of the email to your selected test email addresses, the subject line being prefixed with "Test: ". Tracking is not enabled for test sends.

Different email clients and devices show HTML differently, as such it's wise to test your email in a number of settings (Microsoft Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, etc.). If there are email clients / devices that you do not have access to, then you may be able to use the Inbox preview tool (below) to simulate this.

Be sure to test both the HTML and text versions of your campaign.

Inbox and spam filter test
If enabled on your account, you can use the inbox and spam filter testing tool to:

  • Test what your campaign will look like in dozens of different email clients and devices
  • Assess your campaign's content to highlight how it scores against all the key spam filters, identifying what words, images and code may cause you deliverability problems

Depending on your account setup, there may be a charge for each use of the inbox preview tool. The cost will be displayed in the system.

More ways to make sure your campaign is perfect

  • Our preview tool can be used to test any dynamic content and personalization you have
  • Accounts with multiple users can use our permission settings to ensure campaigns aren't sent without approval
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