How are "replies" to campaigns handled?

How are "replies" to campaigns handled?

When you send out a campaign, when a recipient replies to your email a copy of their reply are automatically stored in the reporting area against that particular campaign. You will be able to read the replies by accessing the reporting.

You also have the option to have those replies automatically forwarded on to an email address of your choice. Just ensure you enter a valid email address in the Optional Forwarding Address box within Step 1 -- Create campaign settings.

If you leave this box blank, the replies will still be stored in the reporting area by default.



Our system will handle replies for 14 days after a contact was sent a campaign, after that time replies will be bounced by the system.


Message attachments
Any attachment to the email will be removed before being forwarded on to you. Experience shows that when sending bulk mails, there are a few recipients on the list with virus-infected computers. These machines may possibly auto-reply to any email they get sending infected files back in order to spread the virus. OpenMoves will remove attachments to protect you. You can still access these attachments through the reporting interface.

If you would like message attachments forwarded with replies, you can enable this in the My account area.


Variable forwarding address
You can use custom data fields to have the email forwarded to a different address depending on the contact. 

For example, you may want to forward replies to a contact's account manager.  To do this, you'd use the data field placeholder (e.g. @ACCOUNTMANAGER@) as the forwarding address.


Managing automatic replies
We filter replies into three groups:

Challenge replies
These are replies sent by Sender Verification tools such as Spam Arrest. These emails are sent to reduce spam in the email recipient's inbox. You will generally need to enter a code of some description in order for your original email to be accepted by your email recipient. These replies are not forwarded to the email you specify in the campaign setting screen.

Auto Replies
These are automatic replies that have been set by the email recipient to go to every email received. These replies are not forwarded to the email you specify in the campaign setting screen.

Actual replies
These are actual replies sent to you, perhaps asking a particular question. These replies can be forwarded to an email of your choice as specified in the campaign settings screen.

See more about the replies report for more information on how replies are forwarded and reported on.

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