How can I use a third party to provide content in an email that I’m sending via the platform?

How can I use a third party to provide content in an email that I’m sending via the platform?

It may be the case that you want to send an email using the OM platform, but you're not looking to generate and store the content or information directly on the platform. Instead, you’re looking to pull all, or some, of the content in from an external source.

This is certainly possible and there are five key methods through which you can do this:

  1. Use personalization to send data to contacts using contact data fields that are updated via a third party using an API
  2. Use images that are hosted on a third party URL, including query strings that are dynamic per contact
  3. Use external dynamic content with query strings to display content per contact
  4. Use RSS feeds
  5. Generate the email without using our platform but use our transactional email service just to deliver it
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