How do I complete the Campaign Settings screen?

How do I complete the Campaign Settings screen?

The Campaign settings screen contains important information that will impact on whether your email is opened by your recipients.


The information required on this screen is as follows:

  • Campaign name – this is where you enter or edit the name of the Campaign as it will appear in the list of your campaigns.
  • From Email Address – this is the email account from which you want to send this campaign. By default, an account is created for you. If you have any customized from addresses, they will also appear in this drop down.
  • Friendly From Name – enter the name of a specific person or department that you would like to show this campaign was sent from.
  • Subject line – enter what the recipient will see as the subject line of their email once it arrives in their inbox.
  • Insert a forwarding address – All replies to your email campaign will be stored in your Reporting area withint the relevant campaign. However, if you require these replies to also be forwarded on to an email address of your choosing, then enter that here.

Once you have completed all the relevant fields, you can click Save & Continue.

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