How do I send a campaign that's using split testing?

How do I send a campaign that's using split testing?

Step 4 of the Campaign Creator -- Contacts -- will enable you to set your split test parameters.

If you have already closed your campaign down, then select My campaigns from the drop list that appears when rolling over Campaigns along the top bar menu. A list of unsent campaigns are displayed as the default view.

To send a particular campaign, click on the icon situated in the Send column against the relevant campaign. You will be taken to the same screen as shown above. Select one or more address books and/or segments to send the campaign to.

You now need to specify when you want the campaign sent.

Check the Immediately box if you want the campaign to go now or set a date and time for it to be sent in the future by checking the Scheduled box. As you are selecting the option to split test different variables, you now need to complete the split testing configuration area of the screen.

Split Test Quantity - Enter how many contacts you wish to use for the split test. The default setting is 5%. The number of contacts selected here will be split across the different variables you are testing.

Time Delay - Enter in hours how long you want the responses measured for. The default setting is 5 hours. In our example we have used 5 hours and this means that after 5 hours, the balance of our contacts will be sent using the strongest performing template.

Metric to be used - Select whether you wish to measure opens or clicks when recording the responses. 

When ready click on the Save & Continue button. The campaign settings are displayed for you to review. Each set of variables are shown as a different tab.

When ready, click on either the Send campaign immediately or Confirm scheduled campaign button at the bottom of the screen, depending on what you've chosen to do previously. A final warning confirmation is displayed.

Clicking on the Confirm button will execute the campaign.

The campaign is moved to the outbox while processing occurs and this is shown by the indicator displayed under the Status column. Once completed, the campaign will appear under the Sent tab.

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