How do I suppress email addresses?

How do I suppress email addresses?

Select Contacts from the top navigation bar and then select Suppressed contacts from the drop list that appears. The next screen features five tabs:

Suppressed contacts
The Suppressed contacts tab displays a list of all your contacts who have unsubscribed from your communications plus those who have been automatically unsubscribed by reaching their bounce threshold or registering as an ISP Spam complainant.

You can manually add a contact to this list by clicking on + NEW CONTACT SUPPRESSION button.

Suppressed domains
The Suppressed domains tab displays a list of all domains that have been suppressed. By adding suppression at a domain level, all email addresses in your address books for that domain are automatically suppressed. This saves you a lot of time when a company asks to be removed as a whole from your lists.

To add a new domain to this list, click on the + NEW DOMAIN SUPPRESSION button.

Add suppressions
These enable you to upload or manually add any email or domain addresses you would NOT like included in your campaign sends.

File removal - If you have a lot of email addresses and/or domains to suppress, you may prefer to do this via upload of a .txt or .csv file. Use the Browse button to select the file on your computer.

You can enter an email address to be notified once the import has finished – this is particularly useful if you are uploading a large list. Once you have entered your addresses or selected your file, click on the SUPPRESS THESE CONTACTS FROM MY ACCOUNT button. Your entries are processed and a summary report is displayed.
- use this tab to enter email addresses or domains individually.

Simply type the email address into the area provided ensuring you enter only one email address per line as shown in the example. Each of these email addresses will be added to your Suppressed contacts list and excluded from any future email sends.

If you wish to suppress all email addresses at one company then simply add the domain instead as shown here. Again, make sure there is only entry per line.

suppressed-contacts-5.pngRegardless of the method you choose, whether manually entering, pasting text or uploading a file, email addresses suppressed will appear on the Suppressed contacts tab.

Domains will appear on your Suppressed domains tab and any email addresses relating to those domains will appear on the Suppressed contacts tab.

Suppression history and reversing suppressions
The Suppression history tab shows only manually imported file suppressions created in the last 30 days. It does not show any manual suppressions you may have made through 'More actions...' when inside an address book.

You can delete imported file suppressions from this list. It will result in the contacts being deleted from the whole system, although a message will inform you of this consequence before you complete the deletion. You will then need to add any contacts back to the address book or books they were previously part of in order to restore them and thus reverse the suppression.

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