Managing your automated programs

Managing your automated programs

Your list of programs can be found on the My programs page, in the Automation section of the application.

Here your programs are listed by name and you can:

  • Create new programs
  • Search for programs
  • Copy programs
  • Delete programs
  • Edit / view programs
  • Rename programs

Creating a new program

To create a new program click the ADD NEW button at the top of the page.

You will be prompted to give the program a name (you can change this name later).

You will then be taken to the program builder where you can build your program.

Program states

The My programs list shows the current status of each program. A program can have one of five possible statuses:


When programs are first created they are in a 'Draft' status. In this status you make any changes you want. There is no limit to the number of draft programs that you can have in your account.


Once activated a program cannot be edited; it will enrol new contacts once a day and contacts will progress through the program according to the rules you set. You can have up to five active programs.


An active program can be deactivated such that it no longer enrols contacts or sends emails. Limited changes can be made to a deactivated program. When a program is deactivated, if no contacts have ever enrolled in it, it will revert to the 'Draft' status.


A program that has been deleted will not be visible in the My programs list. If you have deleted a program it will be recoverable by going to the Account utilities page (in the My account) menu. Active programs cannot be deleted, these programs must first be deactivated.


A program that has been deleted and then recovered will normally return to a 'Draft'/'Deactivated' status. If for some reason it cannot be properly restored (for example: referenced data fields and/or campaigns have since been deleted) it will be restored to a 'Read-only' state.


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