OpenMoves for Salesforce - Introduction

OpenMoves for Salesforce - Introduction


The OpenMoves for Salesforce articles provide help with sending and analyzing marketing automation campaigns using the OpenMoves for Salesforce connector. They will explain the content of the Marketing Automation screens in Salesforce and show you how to process your email campaign. Email campaigns are always created within OpenMoves, then synchronized to Salesforce before sending.

Throughout the life of the email campaign, further synchronization between OpenMoves and Salesforce will take place to ensure the response and statistical data collected by OpenMoves is available to be viewed in Salesforce.

This synchronization process takes place automatically at timed intervals pre-determined by the Email Campaign Manager but it is possible to manually synchronize on an ad-hoc basis. You may be working on an email campaign and wish to retrieve the latest statistics immediately without waiting for the next scheduled synchronization.

These articles assume that the OpenMoves for Salesforce installation articles have been followed to install, configure, grant user permissions and modify page layouts to the main Marketing Automation account.

A 'Frequently asked questions' article has been designed to help you with specific processes.

Browser support

For all browsers you must enable JavaScript, cookies, and SSL 3.0. A screen resolution of 1024x768 or greater is recommended.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11

If you use Internet Explorer, we recommend using the latest version. Apply all hotfixes. Note these restrictions:

  • The compatibility view feature in IE is not supported
  • The Metro version of IE is not supported
  • IE7/8 may exhibit some screen irregularities
Mozilla Firefox, most recent stable version makes every effort to test and support the most recent version of Firefox
Google Chrome, most recent stable version Chrome applies updates automatically; makes every effort to test and support the most recent version. Chrome is not supported for the Console tab or the Add Google Doc to Salesforce browser button.
Google Chrome Frame plug-in for IE 6 and 7 Supported plug-in for IE 6 and 7 only. Google Chrome Frame applies updates automatically; Salesforce supports only the most recent version. Chrome Frame plug-in is not supported for the Service Cloud console or Forecasts.
Apple Safari 5.1.x on Mac OS X There are no configuration recommendations for Safari. Apple Safari on iOS is not supported. Safari is not supported for the Salesforce CRM Call Center CTI Toolkit or the Service Cloud console.


The following two diagrams illustrate typical flows in the creation of an email campaign. The first diagram uses the designing of the layout of the campaign as the starting point, whereas the second starts by target group. There are many ways to use the Marketing Automation application.

Email layout created first


Campaign members created first


Marketing Automation application

Select the Marketing Automation button to gain access to all of the functionality of the Marketing Automation application.


Most of the system is accessed through four or more tabs, each tab giving access to separate areas of Marketing Automation.


  • Email Studio tab is where the campaign layout design takes place with content, links and personalization
  • Email Campaigns tab gives access to all the current email campaigns available to the current user
  • Email Address Books tab lists all the address books available for the Marketing
    Automation user, and allows the synchronization and deletion
  • Forms tab (optional) lists all the surveys and forms from the current user to
    Marketing Automation-linked accounts
  • Configuration tab allows access to global settings and account setup. Global settings need to be configured to enable the Marketing Automation system to function. This is usually reserved for the Administrative user.

Standard tabs with additional functionality

  • The Campaigns page layout is configured to allow linking of Email Address Books to a campaigns and also Email Campaigns.
  • The Contacts page layout is configured to display Marketing Automation data and a contact to Programs Automations.
  • The Leads page layout is configured to display Marketing Automation data and a contact to Programs Automations.
  • The Reports page is configured to show the supplied Marketing Automation reports.
  • The Dashboards page is configured to show the supplied Marketing Automation dashboard based on the supplied reports.
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