Resubscribing an unsubscribed contact

Resubscribing an unsubscribed contact


When a contact unsubscribes, they will be added to your suppression list.

A contact can be removed from your suppression list by resubscribing. We detail the two ways this can happen below.

How a contact can resubscribe themselves

An unsubscribed contact can resubscribe themselves by using your signup form (to see how to create a sign up form, visit Resubscribing a contact via sign up form after they have unsubscribe). Unlike a brand new contact, they will receive a confirmation email. A contact will not be resubscribed until they they confirm their action by clicking the link in the confirmation email. 

The process in full:

  1. The unsubscribed contact fills in and submits your signup form
  2. They receive a confirmation email, ensuring they made the request
  3. They click the confirmation link in the email
  4. They become resubscribed

Note: If you have created your own signup form using our API, you will need to be sure it uses the ResubscribeContact method where appropriate.

How you can resubscribe a contact on their behalf

If you do not have a sign-up form, or if a contact requests you resubscribe them on their behalf, you can do so by using the resubscribe tool. Every contact you resubscribe will receive a confirmation email.

Important: As contacts receive a confirmation email as part of the process, only attempt to resubscribe contacts who have specifically requested it.

If you have a contact who has requested to be resubscribed:

  1. Go to Contacts > Suppressed contacts
  2. Search or browse for the contact(s) to resubscribe
  3. Select the check box next to each contact
  4. Click More actions > Resubscribe

 A contact will not be resubscribed until they they confirm their action by clicking the link in the confirmation email. 

How can I modify the confirmation email used when resubscribing contacts?

The confirmation email used when resubscribing contacts has fixed wording, designed in such a way as to avoid ambiguity.

However, you can add your logo to the email by going to Contacts > Advanced features > Resubscribe settings.

Why can't some contacts be resubscribed?

A contact may be unable to resubscribe if:

  • They are on the Global Suppression List
  • You have suppressed their domain from receiving your campaigns
  • They were removed because of a complaint from their ISP
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