Saving and Deleting Bookmarks

Saving and Deleting Bookmarks

Saving a Bookmark

On every report page you will see a button in the top right that says “Add Bookmark”.



Clicking this button will bring you to a pop up screen that will ask you to name the report that you are saving.




The Bookmark will save all of the parameters you currently have set including the report you are on, the date range, and any respective filters for that specific report like abandonment status or campaign name.

After the report is saved you will be able to see it under the My Dashboard tab in the top navigation. 



Deleting a Bookmark




To delete a saved Bookmark go to your Dashboard.  Click the “Delete Bookmark” button and you will get a pop up that lists all of your Bookmarks. 




Select the bookmarks you want to delete and then click the “Delete Bookmark” button.

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