Segment templates

Segment templates

Segmenting and targeting your audience effectively can lead to extremely powerful results. Our segment builder has always been there to help you achieve this. However, it may be the case that you need some inspiration to get going. And now we're happy to provide it! When creating a new segment, you can choose from over 20 predefined segment templates, available in the following categories:

  • Get started
  • Permission
  • Re-engage
  • List hygiene

Templates include such examples as 'All contacts with phone numbers', 'Contacts with unknown opt-in status', 'Active website visitors', Not ordered in the last 90 days', 'Email non-openers, last 6 months' and 'Not contacted for a year'.


You can use them just as they are, or edit them further to meet your specific requirements. Regardless, they'll give you that extra support in achieving your desired goal.

And watch out for additional templates that we'll be adding in future.

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