Sending contacts a campaign or enrolling them on a program when they join an address book

Sending contacts a campaign or enrolling them on a program when they join an address book


For each address book in your account, you can set up the following join actions that will be triggered when an individual contact joins it:

  • Campaign join action
  • Program join action

These actions allow you to automatically send contacts a welcome email or enrol them on a welcome program, which makes a great impression and allows you to engage with your new subscriber instantly.

  • Before using these features, you need to have a 'triggered' campaign and/or a program, otherwise no options will be listed in the dropdowns
  • A join action will be triggered only for single joins, for example via a signup form or preference centre
  • A join action won't be triggered for single joins via a survey or form, or for bulk subscriptions, such as a contact import

Setting up a join action trigger

  1. Create your address book, giving it a unique name and entering a description.
    Remember – if it's a public address book, your contacts will see its name, so give it some thought!
  2. Go to Contacts > My contacts and click the Properties icon of the address book

  3. Optional: In the 'Campaign join action' dropdown, select a triggered campaign to send to contacts when they join the address book

  4. Optional: In the 'Program join action' dropdown, select a program to enrol contacts on when they join the address book

  5. Click Save


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