Uploading your own HTML email templates

Uploading your own HTML email templates

To upload a template, if enabled on your account, you will need an HTML file and the relevant images at point of upload. These can be individual files or a zip file.

Browse to find files for uploaded including one HTML file and any images that are referenced in the HTML; once selected click Upload to commit them to the template.  

Images must be saved locally in the same folder as your HTML file (so do not use an 'images' folder) - this allows the system to reference them correctly upon upload.


Once you have uploaded all of these images, hit the Continue button. If your template is complete you will then proceed to the checking stage. 


Your template will be checked for valid HTML and for EasyEditor markup.   If you want to know more about writing templates for EasyEditor, check out our EasyEditor markup guide.  

HTML for email

If you are used to designing webpages, do remember that email HTML can be very different. We strongly advise you use tables and font tags in preference to CSS classes where possible to ensure your email renders well in different email clients.

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