Use clicks as the primary metric

Use clicks as the primary metric

Learn why we prioritize using click rate data over open rate data.


Data is a core mechanic that drives our platform and helps you make informed decisions for reaching your audience. Open tracking has helped determine the best methods for engaging with contacts and maximizing the effectiveness of your emails.

However, increasing changes to the data privacy regulations and technology manufacturer developments, means ‘open rates’ are becoming a less reliable metric. One of the most notable examples of this is Apple’s iOS 15 update, which includes:

  • Opening emails before they reach a contact’s email address.
  • The Hide my Email feature, which generates unique, random email addresses that forwards emails to a contact’s personal inbox.
By January 2022, iOS 15 is predicted to be at 90% adoption on all Apple mobile devices. This means 11% to 30% of all email open data will be inaccurate.
How does this affect me?

In response to these updates, we have changed the way our platform operates and gathers data for your benefit. Opens are no longer the default primary metric, and we’ve placed more emphasis on using click data for greater engagement. Areas of the platform that are adopting these changes include:

  • Send time optimisation uses historical clicks rather than historical opens.
  • ReMails use clicks as default for tracking rather than opens.
  • Split tests use clicks as default for tracking rather than opens. 
  • eRFM (measuring the recency, frequency, and monetary value of past purchases) no longer uses opens.
Set clicks as the primary metric

To set clicks as the primary metric for your account:
  1. Open the Settings menu and select Account.
  2. Select Account settings.
  3. Under the heading Features, select the Use clicks as the primary metric checkbox, to enable clicks as the default metric for: Email split testing, ReMail, Send time optimization, and the Opportunities dashboard.
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