What is a triggered campaign?

What is a triggered campaign?

You can set up powerful trigger email campaigns to generate leads and conversions – automatically.

Triggered campaigns can be used for a variety of reasons: customers' birthdays, buying patterns, expressed preferences, seasons and holiday dates and life cycle milestones.

There are several ways to use triggered campaigns within the system:

Address Book Triggers - everytime someone joins or unsubscribes from one of your address books, you can set a particular campaign to be sent to them automatically.  

Date Triggers - you can create one trigger or a series of triggers based on date fields within your address books. For example, if you hold the date of birth on your contacts, you could send a campaign automatically wishing them a happy birthday.

Auto Responders - you can trigger a campaign if an email recipient replies to one of your emails, perhaps letting them know that they've replied to an unmonitored email address and providing alternative contact details.

Behavioural Triggers - you can have a campaign primed and ready to go if someone clicks on a link or opens your email so that follow-ups are only going to those recipients who are really interested.

The first step in using any of the above triggers, is to make sure that the campaign that is sent as a result of the trigger is set as a Triggered campaign.