Why is using a custom from address important?

Why is using a custom from address important?

There are three simple reasons why you should use a customized From Address

  • Get better delivery rates
  • Engage your recipients for better open rates
  • Avoid bringing down your firm's transactional email

There are four major benefits of using our customized From Address service:

  1. Get more of your emails into the inbox. Our customized from addresses are fully configured for authentication, confirming to the ISPs that you are who you say you are. This is essential for getting more of your emails delivered into inboxes.
  2. Build your online brand and trust to improve your open rates. Your recipients will see only your brand in the custom from address - no mention of your ESP or webmail provider. Making sure your 'from address' is fully branded like this will help increase your open rates.
  3. Protect your company domain name and your transactional emails. Using a branded custom from address will protect your company transactional and business emails from being affected by black listings from organisations such as SpamHaus - due to spam complaints. If your customized address does accidentally get blacklisted, the Support team step in and take the necessary steps to get the domain unblacklisted as soon as possible using the excellent relationships we hold with ISPs.
  4. Our customized From Address service represents outstanding value. When you order a customized From Address from us, we do all the work for you. For a small admin fee, we'll purchase a domain name of your choice - very close to your corporate domain name. We will also include custom tracking links in your emails. Then we'll set up all the configuration and authenctication required, so you don't need to.
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