How do I import contacts into an address book?

How do I import contacts into an address book?

You are able to import CSV,TXT and Excel formats into the system.

You can upload contacts to an existing address book or you can create a new address book.

To create a new address book:

  1. On the My Contacts page, select the green New address book from the top navigation menu.
  2. Type in a name for the address book, choose a folder and enter a description.
  3. Click on the SAVE button.
  4. You are now prompted for the import file option required. Select the first option Add a list of contacts from an Excel Spreadsheet or CSV file.


Select the file to upload by clicking on the Browse button. Fill in the email address to notify. Encoding type is defaulted to UTF-8 (standard English text) unless your file is encoded differently.

When ready, click on the UPLOAD button.

On the data matching page, click on the drop-down menu of each field and select the appropriate label for each column or create a new field.

When ready, click on the FINISH button and the file will be imported into the selected address book.

If any records failed to import successfully, a faults file will be available for you to download.

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