October 27, 2021 - maintenance upgrade

October 27, 2021 - maintenance upgrade

On October 27, 2021, we released a maintenance upgrade for OpenMoves, here's what's changed:

What's new ✨

User interface

  • We’ve updated to a shiny, new user interface. 

Campaigns (Email)

  • In response to changing data privacy regulations and technology developments, we have added the option to set clicks as the primary metric for engagement data. Enabling this setting affects the following areas of OM3:
    • Send time optimisation uses historical clicks rather than historical opens.
    • ReMails use clicks as default for tracking rather than opens.
    • Split tests use clicks as default for tracking rather than opens. 
    • eRFM no longer uses opens.

Campaigns (Reporting)

  • We’ve updated the Campaign performance comparison feature:
    • Use the date picker for individual campaigns and display data from different time periods.
    • Campaigns can now be compared against themselves using different time periods.


  • We’ve updated Search to draw more search results using partial search terms that occur anywhere within the email address. Areas affected by this include:
    • Suppressed contact listing.
    • RFM persona contact listing side panel.
    • Opportunity actions contact listing side panel.
  • We’ve updated the contact management area, you can now save channel information in the data fields tab.