Using the campaign approval system

Using the campaign approval system


Our managed user permissions system means you can permit a managed user to design, build and schedule a campaign and on completion trigger an approval process enabling you to authorise the send, or reject it with feedback for further revision.

How campaign approval works

  1. A user that has been set up to require approval creates a campaign as usual, including choosing address books or segments to send to and scheduling it.

  2. On the campaign summary page, the managed user will see a button Ready to send pending approval.
    Clicking on this button will then produce a 'Send for approval' confirmation box.
    Click Confirm to start the approval process.

  3. The campaign will be moved to the 'Outbox' and an email will be sent to the account owner, notifying them that a campaign is ready for review with a link to that campaign.

  4. The account owner reviews the campaign content, settings and contacts and chooses whether to click Approve & send immediately or decline it.
    Clicking Decline will produce a box in which the reason/s for declining approval can be entered.
    When done, click Confirm to send it back to the managed user.

Didn't receive the campaign approval notification email? Or can't find it? Or deleted it?

Don't worry! This link is available for a campaign from within the 'Outbox'. Just click on the Review, approve, or deny link alongside the campaign's name.


If the campaign is approved
it will be sent as scheduled (if the scheduled date is in the past, it will be sent immediately). The originating user will be emailed to notify them that the campaign has been approved and sent.

If the campaign is declined it will be moved from the 'Outbox' back to the list of unsent campaigns and made available for editing. The originating managed user will be emailed to notify them that the campaign needs more work (including the reasons specified by the account owner).


How to set up a user for campaign approval

Managed users are added by the account owner; once a managed user has been added, their permissions should be set as follows:

  • Sender - Enable to allow the user to send campaigns
    This should be ticked.

  • Can send without approval - Can send without approval (requires 'sender' permission to be active)
    This should not be ticked.


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